Seize Sur Vingt

212box has created a custom made shop in the newly renovated Plaza Hotel and Residences in New York City for the high-end haberdasher, Seize sur Vingt.  Given the opportunity to design a space that reflects both the refined and youthful character of the Seize sur Vingt line, 212box updated traditional millwork and tailoring features with modern details and materials.

Upon entering the 700 square foot store, clients are greeted by a one-way mirror suspended from the ceiling – the back of the store’s main fitting mirror. While a client is fitted under the even glow of the over-head light box, their silhouette is visible on the back side of the glass, creating a shadow box effect and highlighting the playful nature of the shop.

Additionally, the architects have designed a rolling storage unit that combines inventory and retail space; both clients and sales associates have access to the bespoke rolling shelves built specifically to hold the Seize sur Vingt’s shirt and shoe boxes.  

212box’s commitment to creating an elegant and customized retail space is found throughout the shop.  Bronze colored veneered surfaces compliment the exotic Wenge wood floor, and Seize sur Vingt’s signature blue color is used to border the store’s display windows, entrance and select millwork pieces.

The space offers clean lines with a polished finish, the perfect arena to highlight the shirts, suits, shoes of Seize sur Vingt.