Eric Clough and           Eun Sun Chun

Eric Clough and           Eun Sun Chun


212box thinks outside theirs. In running their New York City-based multidisciplinary design firm, Eric Clough and Eun Sun Chun approach architecture, interior design, graphic design, film, advertising and product design with a singular mix of detail-oriented commitment and a rigorously developed sense of play 

212box doesn't stop at architecture. The firm approaches everything from custom wallpaper designs and desktop toys to master plans and super tall buildings with the same ultra-collaborative approach, and with an unparalleled sense of possibility. No project is too big or too small; and no matter the physical size of the project, 212box operates at the same level of boundary-breaking creativity.   

They apply the same attention and no-holds-barred ambition to projects that range from holistic branding for luxury companies such as Christian Louboutin, to the design of one of the tallest structures in the world, to a New York apartment that includes a da Vinci-Code-style system of elaborate code breaking games for the clients' children ("Mystery on Fifth Avenue"). The mystery apartment renovation came complete with a 212box-written, designed, and produced book, as well as a CD of original scored music that pertains to the story. Continuing the scale switch, the firm's ThinkBox 01, a system of connected aluminum blocks meant to encourage creativity through play, comes with only one directive: "Give this to the smartest person you know."  

Founded in 2000, the firm has an office of fifteen full-time designers and works closely with clients and consultants, forming newly branded teams like 312box, 310box and +33box—named after the area codes in which they are located  in order to facilitate complete involvement with every aspect of its projects throughout North America, Europe, Middle East, South America, Australia and Asia. With everything from detail drawing to on-site construction covered, 212box takes an all-encompassing and comprehensive approach to each and every bit of work.

Eric Clough & Eun Sun Chun


Eric Clough, LEED AP

Having lived in Brussels and London as child, Eric received his Bachelor of Arts with a major in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and his Master of Architecture from Yale University. Before starting 212box, he worked with Steven Harris Architects on the NYC2012 Beach Volleyball Court and Olympic Archery range, and consulted directly for the NYC 2012 initiative 

Eric's European upbringing and constant travel have enriched his sense of texture, craftsmanship, pattern making and detailing and his interest in everything from product design to film to futurism has helped form 212box's identity as a boundary-breaking design leader. 

Eric resides in the West Village with his muse, Kate Fenner, a singer/songwriter, and their son, Lucien. 

Eun Sun Chun, AIA, LEED AP

Eun is a native of Brooklyn and an alumna of Manhattan’s prestigious Stuyvesant High SchoolEun’s studies at Wellesley College in freehand drawing and art history marked the beginning of her design education and led her to pursue formal architectural training at MIT and Columbia University. Eun went on to receive her Master of Architecture from Yale University. It was at Yale that Eun honed her attention to detail, not only in architecture, but in furniture, industrial and product design.  

Prior to 212box, Eun worked at Davis Brody Bond LLP, and William T. Georgis, Architect 

Having completed the NYC marathon in 2013, she continues to run, but shorter distances. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and children.


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